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Firefall trailer teases Blackwater instance ahead of open beta launch


While MMOFPS Firefall has a lot going for it, with its tight shooting mechanics, jet packs, and community-centric action, the constant criticism coming out of the game’s beta events is that too quickly you run out of things to do in the game. It doesn’t have enough quests, instances, or variety of enemies to keep players entertained.

With the game entering open beta on 9 July, developer Red 5 have released a trailer showing a new game dungeon for players to fight through, the Blackwater Anomaly.

Spaceships crashing into oceans, aliens, explosions, it all looks very dramatic. Certainly if Red 5 can fill out their game with replayable content like the Blackwater Anomaly instance then, when hordes of players jump into the game next week, the community should have reason to stick around long enough for the developer to make their money back. But one instance won’t be enough.

Red 5 are pushing for a three week release cycle, with patches and new content release regularly to keep the game fresh and bug free, so, hopefully these will be jam packed with new instances, quests, equipment, and the necessaries to keep players interested.