Firefall devs plan for revenge in the “final chosen offensive” event tomorrow

Firefall Final Chosen Offensive

You’ve gone and done it now. Developers of FPS-MMO, Firefall, are out for blood tomorrow as they try and get their own back, after last weeks defeat at the hands of the players. The “Chosen Offensive” event is simple really: players vs the almighty developers as they attack the most popular outposts in all Accord-owned territories.

Tomorrow is the final event, and the developers will be out in full force in the form of powerful Chosen bosses. Slay them and you’ll be rewarded for your war efforts.

Their swansong will be even more deadly this time around, but with better rewards to boot. Players that are logged in for over an hour will receive a slew of in-game titles as well as “7 days of VIP”. There’s also a fancy Chosen glider for all who participate, as well as a Earthbreaker Hologram pet.

You’ll also earn the follow in relation to your war efforts:

  • “Stalker” – Complete 5 Chosen Offensive encounters = 100 credits
  • “Hunter” – Complete 10 Chosen Offensive encounters = 200 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token
  • “Destroyer” – Complete 15 Chosen Offensive encounters = 300 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token
  • “Conqueror” – Complete 30 Chosen Offensive encounters = 400 Credits and 1 Gold Vending Token

Will you be battling against the developers tomorrow?