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Firefall’s biggest patch ever “changes everything, creates fun”


We continue to be very much in love with Red 5 Studios, the adorables behind free to play FPS Firefall. The game’s beta version has just received its biggest patch ever, by Red 5’s own reckoning, which damn near overhauls the entire thing, removing some classes, adding new ones and punching new features into every available space. The first line of the patch notes read “Gameplay Changes: Changed everything. Created fun.” We like that, a lot. The update is available for beta participants right now, while a five minute long patch trailer follows.

Previous updates have gone into more detail on the Recon and Dreadnaught battleframes, as well as the new Engineer and Biotech battleframes. The sheer scale of the update has transformed how these classes play and interact. Look into James Macauley’s eyes, the eyes of Red 5’s vice-president of development, as he tells you that. You will not fail to believe him. The sooner this game emerges from its beta chrysalis to become a beautiful public butterfly the better.