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Firefighting Simulator announced for a 2017 release

Firefighting Simulator

From the makers of Truck Simulation 16, Flight Simulator and various other sims, Firefighting Simulator has been announced for a 2017 PC release.

Wondering what the best sim games are on PC? We've got you covered.

Firefighting Simulator will be developed using Unreal 4, making sure the helmets are sufficiently shiny. With that on your head and a long hose in your hand, nothing will stop you... other than death by smoke inhalation. 

The sim will take place in a bustling US metropolis, complete with licensed US fire engines and authentic rescue equipment. 

Coming from Astragon, you can guarantee there will be meticulous attention to detail. Maybe this will be the first game to actually get fire right. There's not much that's more jarring than the static fires of many modern games.

We're promised "diverse and challenging missions" that you can play on your own or in online multiplayer. 

Have a watch of the teaser trailer below:

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James Franklin Hyneman Avatar

American Truck Simulator is actually made by SCS Software. Even says so on Astragon's site.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
1 Year ago

Yeah, seeing it on there threw me off. Have tweaked the article so it's their Truck Simulation series instead. Thanks.

HersheySquirtle Avatar
1 Year ago

It will be a tragedy if this isn't available on the various VR platforms. I'd pick this up for PSVR in a heartbeat.

KunnAllu Avatar
8 Months ago

Waiting that game sooo much , i love firefighting simualtions so much.