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Firewatch gets a 17-minute gameplay video with developer commentary


Firewatch is a mysterious game. It’s only a couple of months away from release, but we don’t know a great deal about it beyond the setting and its crisp, stylised visuals. Campo Santo have just released a 17-minute video that gives us a bit more without spoiling too much.

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Set in the Wyoming wilderness, Firewatch casts you as a forest ranger on his first days on the job. It’s your responsibility to care for this land from the relative safety of your firetower.

It’s lonely work, but also kind of romantic, with the only contact with the outside world a voice on the other side of a radio. It’s that solitude that the game’s protagonist, Henry, finds so appealing.

The video shows Henry’s second day on the job, and things aren’t going well. Some teens seem to be using the wilderness as a camping ground, drinking and causing problems with the equipment.

It’s an interesting and refreshing premise. There have been hints that there will be much more to the story than it seems, but hopefully we get to discover that for ourselves. Oh, and you can pick up and throw stuff, which is nice.

Here’s the relatively spoiler-free video for you to firewatch:

Firewatch is due for release onFebruary 9, 2016.