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First Class Trouble is Dead by Daylight in Space and it’s on EGS now

First Class Trouble puts the multiplayer deduction and survival genre on a luxury space cruiser with a murderous AI and its two devious assistants

First Class Trouble is Dead by Daylight in Space and it's on EGS now: A person of unknown gender wearing a dragon mask and red silk outfit

First Class Trouble is a multiplayer game best described as Dead by Daylight but in space, and you can get your hands on it now, via the Epic Games Store. Developer Invisible Walls ApS publisher Versus Evil set their social deduction game on a luxury space liner where a rogue AI called C.A.I.N. wants nothing more than to wipe out every human on board. The AI won’t get its own hands dirty (would AI even have hands?). Instead, it designates two of the six players as Personoids, specially outfitted killers meant to infiltrate the ship and carry out C.A.I.N.’s mission.

Unlike other social deduction games, such as Among Us and Eville, First Class Trouble rewards players and Personoids alike for cooperation. It also requires you to stay on your toes a bit more often, as practically anything can be a trap. Want to relax in the sauna? Go right ahead – but a Personaoid might have electrocuted it before you even dip your toes in. Good luck.

First Class Trouble on EGS features cross-platform compatibility so PC players can play and destroy their friends on PlayStation and Steam as well. You can pick up First Class Trouble for 50% off in the week following its launch on Epic’s platform.

“We’ve been super pleased with the reception that First Class Trouble has received on other platforms and are excited to usher in a new crop of players through the Epic Game Store,” Steve Escalante, general manager of Versus Evil, said. “New players will have access to all of our DLC packs on day one, as well, so not only can you work with friends to take down C.A.I.N. (or other players), you can look great doing it!”

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