First ever footage of Team Meat’s Mewgenics shows the miracle of birth

First Mewgenics footage

Cat gifs are the foundation of the internet. When future digital archaeologists dig deep into the past of the internet, all they’ll uncover is cat gifts and porn, occasionally combined horrifically. So it only makes sense that the first footage of Team Meat’s cat hoarding sim, Mewgenics, is a gif. And not just any gif, it’s a gif of a cat squeezing out two smaller cats, which in some circles are called “kittens”.  


The accompanying blog post explains the disturbing sight. “[I]n the gif we see a very pregnant female cat giving birth to her first litter, the father watches with (very creepy) excitement as his children pop out of their mother. from this gif we can also see a bit of the fathers personality (his name was Manchester btw), he seems quite the horn dog and, since the mother (Dr. Butts) got pregnant after the 1st hump, there is a good chance hes quite a potent lover at that.”

The kittens share the physical traits of their parents, but as they grow up things might change and characteristics will be determined by their life experience. “[W]ill he be a horn dog like his dad? or will his fathers creepy actions turn him off to sex completely! you never know.. only time will tell.”

It’s also worth noting that there appears to be a corpse in the background, perhaps a deceased owner now turned into cat food. Mewgenics is certainly shaping up to be a peculiar game, realistically simulating how messed up felines are.