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Flagship is an Oculus Rift powered first person RTS in space


In most RTS games you play the role of a magic flying ghost capable of viewing the world from a strategically advantageous and hyper-manoeuvrable cloud. In Flagship you play the role of commander stuck on the bridge of your fleet’s capital ship, peering out over the battlefield from a first person perspective like some space age Napoleon.

You use a giant touchscreen in the middle of the bridge to give orders and then watch as those orders are carried out by your fleet. It’s a single player, 4X space strategy game with an Oculus Rift first person twist, and it looks rather exciting.

The teaser trailer below shows off how it works. Stick with it, as for the first minute or so it looks like any number of other space strategy games. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

An Oculus Rift headset won’t be required, though the devs say they’re building the experience with virtual reality in mind, an integration that would lend a sense of scale to the space explosions happening outside your space windows. Flagship’s very early in development too, with the above trailer having been cobbled together from pre-alpha assets — a more complete version could include the ability for the commander to hop into a fighter and take the fight to the enemy, just like the president from Independence Day.

With a 2015-ish release window in mind, Flagship’s still a ways off. There’s more to be found over on the game’s site.