Flagship Kickstarter cancelled with just five days to go, but they’re “not giving up on it”


Promising spaceship-bridge-perspective RTS, Flagship, has been cancelled. It had earned just over half of the £95,000 goal, and had less than five days remaining on the Kickstarter campaign. This was enough for twin developers Brad Jeffery and Matt J have decided to pull the project altogether.

“This has been a heartbreaking process for us.”

The news broke in a surprising Kickstarter update. “It’s looking like the campaign isn’t going to turn around, so rather than drag this out for another 5 days we’re going to end it now.” announced Brad. “I know this will disappoint many of you, and for that we are very sorry. This has been a heartbreaking process for us.

“To all those who backed us, tweeted, posted on forums and told their friends; to the journalists that covered the game; to the ever-patient girlfriends and worrying parents; we wouldn’t have made it this far without you, and we’re deeply grateful to you all.”

But Flagship isn’t dead yet; the two developers still have hopes to make it a reality. “Flagship is still our dream game, and we’re not giving up on it. One day you’ll get your ship.”

Although funding was slower than everyone liked, it’s surprising to me that they pulled the project. Most projects see a huge resurgence in new backers as they get close to their campaign deadline; there might’ve been hope yet for the campaign to succeed.