Ace Combat: Assault Horizon screens remind us Ace Combat is coming to the PC this month. All the yays.


The PC’s always been the home of the hardcore flight simulator, what with its DCS: A-10C Warthogs and its Take on Helicopters but its been lacking something more arcade-y, a certain hole that consoles have had filled for a long time. A hole that can only be filled by Ace Combat.

Finally, though, finally the PC is getting its version of Ace Combat 6: Assault Horizon, the most explodey free flighty flight simulator money can buy.

There are screens below.

Now the important thing to note is that while Ace Combat 10: Assault Horizon came out last year for the consoles we PC gamers are getting an ‘enhanced edition’. So picture everything in the trailer as better (and likely with more cats):

Here are those enhanced images:

Ace Combat is due out on 25 January.

Cheers, VG247.