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French scenery duo team up for secret ‘Normandy’ project


When it comes to recreating the Eiffel Tower in all its pigeon-covered glory, few places do it better than a trip to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (Industry Night every Wednesday, featuring DJ Hollywood!). One person that has done it better, though, is Laurent Dupouey of FranceVFR, who has just announced a brand new ‘secret’ FSX project in cooperation with France’s leading flightsim add-on publisher, FSAddon.

are being played very close to leurs
on this, but the only details the two parties have let slip is
that it will be associated with ‘Normandy’ in some way and that it will be “special
in more ways than one compared to any existing FSX project.”

clue to be gleaned is that the FSAddon website had previously shown off
work-in-progress images of landing boats used in the D-Day landings and a map
of Operation Overlord’s incursions onto the Normandy beaches, under the heading
‘A Very Special Project’.

has become well known through FranceVFR for some truly stunning recreations of
French photo-realistic landscapes, airports and building models, and both Dupouey
and FSAddon claim that this project will form the ‘base’ upon which future
expansions can be built. Does this mean the start of a range of ‘historical’
based scenery add-ons for our flight sims?

certainly an under-tapped market and an idea that we’re surprised hasn’t taken
off in a greater way previously. Recreating great moments in aviation history
was touched upon in Flight Sim 2004, but never in any serious way. Imagine being
able to reproduce areas as they were back when the Wright Brothers first took
an extended leap into the air. Or to see the cheering crowds as you cross the
finishing line in the great air races of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Or even, as
would seem to be the case here, flying over the war-torn beaches of France as
the Allies push through the Nazi frontlines.

that’s what this is in the first place.

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