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Traffic 360 adds over half a million AI planes to Flight Simulator X’s skies


Hey, you love traffic, right? Sure you do, we all love traffic. No, no wait, that other one. Hate. That’s the chappie. We hate traffic, with all its stopping-us-getting-places, jamming-up-the-roads, being-a-suitable-allegory-for-mankind’s-inexorable-slide-towards-pointlessness-ness. Well, chin up, because Just Flight are giving us more of the stuff with Traffic 360, only this is the good kind of traffic that makes your Flight Sim X and Prepar3D skies feel more alive. So there’s that.

Traffic 360 is, in fact, quite a nifty update to the previously
released Traffic X and bring with it both new and upgraded aircraft, ground
crew galore at airports around the world, and more liveries than you can shake
a (joy)stick at. Everyone from Virgin Atlantic to Snowflake Airlines (they’re
real, look them up), to Air Force One can be found in the skies, on the ground
and filling up your ATC radio channels.

Better than that are the 600,000-plus real-world flight schedules
and flight routes. Which means that 747 buzzing over your house at 1am just
because you had the misfortune to live on the Heathrow flight path can be
faithfully recreated in your game.

We jest, of course, but this kind of thing is exactly why we
continue to take to the air. Improving the atmosphere of the skies around you,
adding that veneer of authenticity to our sims – it all makes for a richer and
more satisfying flying experience.

Traffic 360 comes as either a digital upgrade for Traffic X users available
now from Just Flight’s site, or you can pre-order the full version (boxed or
digital) for a slightly higher price when it gets released on November 16th.
It’s one thing to open a live radio stream in a background browser while you
fly, quite another to actually see those planes flitting about your skies
(planes flit, right?) in real-time.