Ultimate Traffic 2 hits 2013 with 1.8 million aircraft


Hey, remember how a few weeks back, Traffic 360 came along all swanning and preening and casually added over half a million AI aircraft to your FSX skies with the merest flick of a wrist? Well if you thought that was the only suave and sophisticated master of aviation traffic in the game (ladies), then think again. Ultimate Traffic 2 2013 Edition has hit town and is all “Yo yo yo girl, check out mah bulging 1.3 million general aviation AI routines that back up mah dope 550,000 real-time airline routes. Playa gon’ play.”

Yes, because we know that the one thing flight simmers simply can’t get enough of is aircraft-filled skies, UT2’s latest addition has just hit the shelves and the battle for air traffic supremacy has been well and truly joined. Traffic360 has a lot going for it, certainly, but for many, Ultimate Traffic is the true leader of the pack.

Quite apart from the GA planes (light aircraft buzzing around small airfields and landing strips), probably the true standout of UT’s package is the interactive departure board that lets you select real-world airline flightplans and fly or modify them yourself. You also get to view a live status board for each airport that lets you see at a glance the comings and goings in the sky around you.

So how does it compare to Traffic360? The pluses are easily the greater level of fine control you have over both the amount of and the way the traffic in your sky behaves. Traffic360 seems by and large to concentrate more on the visual side of things, with a greater emphasis on adding airport animations and (admittedly cool) gimmicks such as ‘Spotty’ the cagoule-wearing plane enthusiast or the drivable pushback trucks and usable ATC towers.

UT2013, on the other hand, is much more focused on the aircraft filling your skies, providing all manner of friendly yet comprehensive ways to manipulate the settings, create and print realistic-looking flightplans and make the airports behave in a believable manner with regards to the aircraft themselves.

They both do a very decent job of putting planes in skies mind you, and if you only fly around major airports, you’ll not likely notice a great deal of difference between the two. However, with regards to smaller airfields, UT’s general aviation options definitely win out and the ability to take over real flights just give it the edge.

Ultimate Traffic 2 2013 Edition is available now by clicking right here.

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