Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 fans excited for release now that it’s cancelled

FNAF 6 cancelled

There is no game developer who enjoys toying, torturing, and sometimes pleasing their fans more than Scott Cawthon, creator of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In a blog post over the weekend on the Steam community page, he announced, cancelled, and said he’d never talk about again a sixth main game in the series. The community is now convinced that means it’s coming out, and probably soon.

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To explain: Cawthon’s post is fairly straight laced. He says there was another main game in development, which he’s happy to call FNAF 6 even if that wasn’t the eventual plan, but he’s tired of making it and won’t be finishing. He also says nobody involved will be talking about it either. This comes three weeks after a big tease, but to the uninformed eye – mine included – it seems a perfectly clear post, in which he also says it isn’t the end of the universe, in which he may set other games of differing genre in the future.

Reactions have been either disbelieving or extremely angry. A quick look at the FNAF subreddit shows it’s been on fire for the best part of the weekend, as highly invested players express their disappointment (or worse) that Cawthon’s done with mechanical jump scares. However, many highly upvoted replies point out that they believe it is “a joke.

The prevailing opinion, at least now, seems to be that Cawthon has every intention of releasing the game, possibly very soon, and this is all some combined form of marketing and community jibe. Here’s another, comparing a previous trolly statement with the more recent one. It’s got to the point where some are mad that Cawthon is keeping up the ‘joke’ so long. YouTubers who made their names on FNAF videos have also had to say they’re not in on anything.

Confused? Welcome to FNAF. I’d personally put my money on the game not coming out, though at this point if it does who is to say it was the plan all along and not a reaction to the anger and disappointment at the actually-real-but-now-not cancellation? But maybe that would be a front to keep the community guessing? Is any of this real? Is the Earth truly a flat disc?