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FNaF World release date revealed, JRPG spin-off will be the final Five Nights At Freddy’s game

FNAF World release date

The ever expanding, unstoppable Five Nights At Freddy’s series will be coming to a close with FNaF World, at least that’s the plan of franchise creator Scott Cawthon. He’s been steadily working away at it with a plan for 2016 and, while a few folks thought it would drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve, he’s now revealed the game’s release date. February 19th will bring the RPG version of his horror masterpieces to Steam, despite baby-based and computer-malfunction delays.

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Cawthon took to the Steam community page for FNAF 4 to talk about what was causing delays and announce the release date. His old computer has died, and while all the information was backed up he says it will still take some time to transfer it all and get software working again. His son has just been born too, in fact the post was written from the hospital, so that’s going to monopolise his time a little, as new humans tend to do. Here’s the teaser trailer from last year:

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like in actual warzone, I recommend the comments on that YouTube video. Sweet mercy.

Anyway, a post on the first of this year also indicated what’s been taking quite so long, with the scope of the game expanding. Cawthon’s adding secret bosses, shops and power-ups among other bits and pieces to make what he’s still planning to be his final contribution to the series as good as it can be. After four games and a book, he’ll want to send it off with a bang. Or the quiet whimpering of YouTubers and players everywhere, at the very least.