Football Manager 2019 beta is now live

You don't have to wait to play Football Manager 2019, because the beta is out right now

Football Manager 2019 isn’t out for a few weeks yet, but the beta should tide you over until then. It’s live right now, and offers access to a “near complete” version of the game – naturally, since it’s essentially early access for those who’ve pre-ordered. You’ll be able to transfer your progress into the full game, so you won’t have to worry about losing anything on the way.

If you’ve bought the game from Steam, the beta will automatically be available for install next time you log in. If you’ve gotten access from another “participating digital retailer,” you should have an email with a code – plug it into the usual ‘Activate a Product’ menu on Steam and you’re in.

While this beta offers access to nearly everything, there are a few limitations. While you can play online, you can’t access the Steam Workshop or the in-game editor ahead of the actual release. The developers also say in the announcement that there may be “some bugs and issues” that’ll be ironed out before the proper release date.

You’re not too late to get in, either. Any purchase between now and the November 2 release date will give you beta access, and you’ll also get a 10% discount bringing the price down to $44.99 / £34.19 / €49.49.