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The 11 best Football Manager 2014 players

Football Manager

People play Football Manager for lots of different reasons. Some of us do it to discover new talents, others to create the next great revolutionary tactic, but everyone can do with a few good bargain players now and then, which is why we’ve compiled this ‘dream team’ of FM 14 bargains.

These players represent 11 of the game’s best buys arranged in a modern 4-5-1 formation. With this list in hand you’ll be able to plug any gaps in your struggling team for peanuts (well okay a few million) and acquire some young talents that you can build a dynasty with.

We also sent a copy to David Moyes, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to be answering his emails.

Itumelung Khune 


Kaiser Chiefs (no not those ones)


Looking for a new number one? Buy Khune. Top level team in need of a young backup to your aging keeper? Buy Khune. Mid level team whose goalie is merely average? Buy Khune. Your current keeper is actually pretty good, but you could sell him for four or five million? You should serously consider buying Khune. The South African keeper is good enough to tend goal at the highest levels, and at 600k, there’s very little reason not to buy him. Just be prepared for fierce competition over his signature.

Sam Byram



£3 million


You’d be forgiven for thinking Sam Byram learned his game in the streets of in Sao Paulo, rather than Leeds. The young fullback might might’ve been born in England, but his reckless attacking play and lack of defensive ability recalls great Brazilian wingbacks like Cafu and Roberto Carlos. There’s no doubt that fielding Byram will make you vulnerable down the right flank, but what you get in return is a potent attacking force who can force opposing wingers to drop back just to try and contain his runs.

Stefan Strandberg 



£1.2 million


Strandberg isn’t just  a quality centre half who can be bought for a song, he makes a decent midfield anchor man too. He really shines at the back though, where his impressive passing abilities can be used to quickly transition from defence to attack. Everyone should consider adding him to their team, but those who favour three at the back will get the most out of his ability to bring the ball forward.

Alexander Milosevic 





Sometimes what you need is a cheap, reliable defender at an affordable price and in FM 14 Alexander Milosevic is that man. There are better defenders and there are cheaper defenders, but no-one is quite as cost effective as Milosevic. He doesn’t have a lot of fancy skills, but he does have the stats in exactly the right places to dominate at the heart of defence.

Aaron Cresswell



£3 million


The modern fullback is one of the most demanding positions on the pitch. Players have to have the stamina to constantly be moving up the pitch to support attacks, and the pace to get back and cover the defence when it all breaks down. Thankfully Aaron Cresswell has all these attributes and more. He’s equally capable in attack and defence and he can take a decent corner too. However you play your fullbacks, he can handle it. 

Simon Tibbling 





Tibbling is a central midfielder in the Xavi or Pirlo mould. Don’t expect him to get his shorts dirty by doing anything so vulgar as tackling someone though. Instead he excels at carefully positioning himself, receiving the ball and picking out an exquisite pass. Pair him with someone tougher (like Srdjan Mijailovic) to offset his weaknesses and you'll have a quality midfield conductor on the cheap.

Srdjan Mijailovic



£3.5 million


Mijailovic is the most expensive player on this list, but what you're getting for your money is a 19 year old with mental fortitude and defensive nous of a Champions League veteran. Mijailovic doesn’t bother with fancy passes or dribbles, he is a roadblock in the path of your opponent. Srdjan has both the anticipation and positioning to pull off elegant interceptions and the strength and toughness to break legs if he has to. This lad will be anchoring your midfield for years to come.

Ryan Gauld



£1.2 million

Gauld is a strange player. The Scotsman is technically gifted and can play anywhere in midfield, but his sub par physical stats mean he won’t be racing past fullbacks any time soon. Still you’re spending just over a million on an incredibly creative player who’s only 17 years old. If you nurture him carefully and compensate for his lack of pace you’ll have a star of the future on your hands.

Matias Fernandez



2.5 million

While we all love an obscure 18 year old bargain, sometimes you need a little experience in your team. Matias Fernandez is in the absolute prime of his career at 27, and has spent years playing in high level European competitions. He’s transfer listed for a mere £2.5 million at the start of the game, which a pittance to pay for a player you could build an entire team around.

Pione Sisto


FC Midtjylland

1 million


Pione Sisto is the very model of a modern winger. He's quick, hard-working and capable of some incredible dribbles. More importantly he can play on either flank loves to cut inside and support the forward, making him perfect for modern single striker formations. Grab the lad early, before Jose Mourinho does.

Ezequiel Rescaldani



1.3 million

Rescaldani is this year's standout forward. The Argentine represents the complete package, fast, strong in the air and impressively technical. Astonishingly he’s not even first choice at Malaga when the game begins, making him ripe for poaching. Don’t be put off by his mediocre finishing, if you let this kid lead your line you'll be rewarded with hard work, goals, and excellent hold up play.

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Shriven avatarChris Evans avatar
Shriven Avatar
Shriven(73 days 13 hours played)
3 Years ago

If you are struggling to find that perfect 4-5-1 tactic for your team. Check out the Steam Workshop and download my Tactic. Its one of the highest downloaded and rated on the Workshop and everytime you click subscribe, you make a donation to my self esteem.

Have a read at least!

Shriven Avatar
Shriven(73 days 13 hours played)
3 Years ago

Jesus, Duped players!

Chris Evans Avatar
3 Years ago

I was confused at first when I saw your screenies, then I realised you are playing in Classic mode!!

This looks like a decent list, though now I am in the 2020/21 season, I don't think many of these players will be available for my TNS squad.

Interestingly, by my point in the game I have managed to sign Samir Nasri on a free transfer along with Joe Ledley. They are forming the heart of my Champions League efforts this season.

I've had a few star players come through the TNS youth squads, though I don't think they are in the team at the start of a new game.