Football Manager 2013 Classic Mode was originally a standalone console game


FM13’s Classic Mode is a wonderful idea; a leaner season playthrough created because Sports Interactive no longer had time to play FM themselves at home. It was actually conceived as a streamlined console Football Manager, akin to Firaxis’ CivRev.
Only, says studio head Miles Jacobson: “The feedback we got was, please don’t put it on console”.

“When we pitched FMC for console as our return to console we actually went off and did a bunch of research, and Sega effectively forced us to do a huge Harris Poll with 9000 people around Europe,” Jacobson told Eurogamer.
“And I’m really really pleased that they did, because the feedback we got was yes, Football Manager Classic is a great idea [but] please don’t put it on console. People who tend to play our games tend to be doing it while a partner is doing something else or while their kids are watching telly. They don’t want to take over their TV with it: they want to play it on their laptop.
“So we have no plans to come back to consoles,” Jacobson concluded. “We’re going to stick to computers and handheld devices.”
That’s good. Computers are good. Do you find there’s something intrinsically PC about Football Manager?
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