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Football Manager 2013 demo released; oh God, oh God, I need to write about football like I know what I’m saying

Football Manager

[Breath, Benson. Breathe, just stick to the facts. No one can complain with the facts] Football is a sport. A sport that is played by men and women. There are two teams. These teams have managers and those managers, er, [you’re losing it], er, [keep it together], organise the teams. [Good, if you’re running out of facts don’t let on] The managers are selected by their ability. There is a footballer called David Peckham. Managers are gauged by their aptitude in a simulation device, Football Manager. Each year’s iteration allows new budding managers find work with a team. Footballers eat oranges. There is a demo available for the new Football Manager.

Football Manager 2013 is out next week [stick with the dates, dates are safe] on 2 November. That day is special to footballers because they hold the right of Feefa in which they battle demi-gods in teams of five to earn their shin pads [wrap it up now]. The demo is available on Steam now.

[Good, go to your happy place. Billiards.]