Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop functionality allows for custom league trades


Sports Interactive have done “a load of work” in smartening up their Football Manager data editor for Steam Workshop this year. Its tools will be both easier to use and more extensive than in previous iterations.

On the ease of use front, tool tips will now help illuminate some of the quirks and options of the editor that might not immediately be apparent. What’s more, there are new search options for use in narrowing down players according to contract wage, loan and nation of birth, in filtering stadiums by capacity changes, or in picking out a particular competition level.

Timesaving measures include the option to mass-edit regional divisions, or to remove all bans, loans and injuries at the press of a button.

Of chief note among the newly advanced stuff is probably the fact that advanced competition rules are newly editable. In practice, that means it’s possible to fiddle with existing league structures in the FM database and reconfigure the core game according to your tastes.

Here’s the rest – so extensive that Miles Jacobson forewent FM2014’s usual video update in favour of text, the medium of very long things:

  • Advanced competition rules are now editable (which means that it’s now possible to edit existing league structures within the FM database)
  • You can now create competitions with Golden/Silver Goal rules
  • It’s possible to create an end of season Super Cup
  • Competition rules can be set to be applicable to certain stages only
  • Seeding rules can now be applied to competitions
  • There is now an option to keep teams from same division apart in a competition draw
  • Teams eliminated from one competition can now be entered into another
  • It’s possible to set both time and date for replays
  • Add competitions with an Opening and Closing format
  • Competition rules – relegation based on average points (Opening / Closing format)
  • There’s an option to name individual cup rounds
  • Prize money can be set for winning, losing and drawing
  • It’s possible to edit a club’s Top League Goalscorer record
  • The seating colour in each stadium can now be changed
  • Different coaching roles have been added
  • Different retirement options have been added
  • Wages can now be displayed as annual, monthly or weekly
  • Yellow and red card rules can now be set per competition (not only by nation)
  • A new club status ‘Always Amateur’ has been added
  • A ‘Third Designated Player’ option has been added to the MLS

In Football Manager Classic, players can also build their own challenges using the challenge editor. Those, too, can be shared with the FM2014 community via Steam Workshop.

Have you fiddled with FM using the editor in the past? If not, perhaps this year’s the time to start rejigging the leagues and the sport to suit you.