Football Manager 2014 release date / metaphorical kick-off set for October 31


Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson has revisited the sheet on which he’d penciled down FM 2014’s potential release date to go over it in permanent marker. Nearby employees were heard to gasp at his recklessness.

“I get so many requests for the release date on Twitter,” he said, “but we’ll only ever announce a date when we’re sure we’re going to hit it.”

“We’re now at that point, so I’m delighted to announce the release date of October 31st and also announce loads more retailers who will be offering people who pre-order the chance to play the beta version of the game two weeks ahead of Football Manager 2014’s official release date.”

A number of high street sellers have joined Steam as potential places to get beta access. Sports Interactive also announced a new UI zoom function compatible with Steam Big Picture mode, and the option of exporting footage to YouTube.

All in all, the developers reckon they’ve made over 1,000 changes to the game since its last iteration – and that’s discounting the things they’ve changed, talked about, and ultimately thought better of.

Football Manager is out on PC, Mac and Linux this year. Will any of you lot be playing it on the latter?

Thanks, Digital Spy.