Ghooooul: Typing of the Dead nets free Football Manager DLC


Sega and Modern Dream have managed to sustain the mildly-amused goodwill of the gaming public in the month since Typing of the Dead’s release via downloadable dictionary updates, in much the same way a dancing rodent might confound its grinning audience for minutes on end with a succession of funny hats.

First Overkill took a turn for the Jacobean with the £2 Shakespeare wordset, and now it’s further secured its reputation for cheap, filthy fun with a Football Manager equivalent.

The DLC pack will download automatically if you’ve a Steam copy of the game. Enable the FM wordset and you’ll replace Overkill’s usual plethora of killphrases with sporting replacements: ‘Easy balls to feet’; ‘Spooned it over’; ‘Measure line to leg’. That sort of thing. I made only the last of those three up.

I’ve a rising suspicion that Typing of the Dead: Football edition becomes more fun, not less, if you’re somebody who only ever listens to 5Live for the film reviews. It’s like listening to the Shipping Forecast: similarly soothing, but with better innuendo.

Did you know? Overkill has also grown a two-player cooperative mode since our Tim’s Typing of the Dead review. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that became the ‘correct’ way to play it. In the House of the Dead series, adding a friend has traditionally multiplied your fun as well as your damage rate.

“There’s some mutants on the pitch. They think it’s all over. Well it isn’t, there are more lexicon packs to come over the next few months,” said the reliably nutty Sega.

What corners of the language would you like to see the next pack illuminate? Harry Potter quotes? Cooking instructions?

Thanks, Shacknews.