Around 1,500 For Honor players banned for AFK farming

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Ubisoft Montreal have begun to move against players farming rewards in For Honor while not actually playing. We only tolerate the honourable round these parts. Well, and Orochi players. 

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People have been using third-party cheats and other tricks to AFK farm, and Ubisoft have had enough.

In the first wave of bans, 1,500 accounts have been affected. Ubisoft say that another 4,000 have been flagged and will be getting a warning. If they continue, they’ll be banned too.

If you’ve been naughty, you’ll be getting a stern email detailing the ban and how long it will be. That first 1,500 batch of players got three-day bans, so it’ll be interesting to see if this is enough of a deterrent. Probably not, I imagine.

The announcement on Reddit was met by people asking for Ubisoft to fix the game’s connection issues.

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