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For Honor’s closed alpha begins this Thursday, September 15

For Honor

The closed alpha for Ubisoft’s multiplayer melee battler, For Honor, kicks off in a couple of days, finally answering that age old question: who’d win in a fight between knights, Vikings and samurai?

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From September 15 to September 18, the battle between these ancient factions kicks off. You can get a chance to take part by signing up for the For Honor closed alpha.

If you get in, you’ll be able to play a work-in-progress multiplayer build that’ll give you access to certain heroes from all three of the main factions. The Kensei, Warden and Raider will all be playable, and you can check those out at that link.

Additionally, you’ll be able to play as the Orochi, the lightning-quick samurai warrior in the video below:

You can also play as the newly unveiled knight class, the Conquerer. These wield a flail and their ranks are made up from conscripted criminals.

Last up, the Viking’s Berserkers are a whirlwind of rage, using two hand axes to press the attack without fear.

The alpha will also give players a first look at the progression system as they unlock new abilities, new weapons and armour, along with visual customisation so you can deck out your murderer.

As for modes – you’ll be able to play three out of five of the multiplayer matches, including a 1v1 Duel, a 2v2 Brawl and 4v4 Dominion. Each mode has different maps that let players take advantage of their team sizes.

For Honor releases on February 14, 2017.