Turn into a pumpkin and smash your own head in For Honor’s Halloween event

For Honor gets into the Halloween spirit with the Return of the Otherworld

The Otherworld returns in Return of the Otherworld, For Honor’s take on this most spooky of seasons. Ubisoft’s hack and slash once again sees the living dead rise in the Endless March, and brings a new array of horrific cosmetics and emotes, including an opportunity to do what you’ve always dream – transform your head into a pumpkin, rip it off, and smash it on the ground.

If you played in last year’s event, the Endless March game mode will seem pretty familiar. It’s still a variation of 4v4 Dominion, where you have to score 1,000 points and kill the enemy team to win. The difference is that NPC soldiers are now undead and deal big damage, while killing enemies is the only way to score permanent points – the points awarded by capturing zones are only temporary.

Following up on the Marching Fire update, the Return of the Otherworld also sees the launch of the first Arcade Weekly Event, which will pit you against specially-selected opponents in order to earn unique rewards. Factions will also have community orders to complete during the event, and players will receive Steel and crate bonuses based on their faction’s completion of those orders.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween event without ways to dress up, and your new cosmetic options include mask outfits for every faction. Those’ll be discounted to 15,000 Steel for the first week of the event, and last year’s mask items will also be on sale – 10,000 Steel until the event closes. The real star, however, is that aforementioned Jack-O-Lantern emote, as you can see in the trailer below.

Return of the Otherworld is live as of today, and will run until November 8. That’ll give you plenty of time to cut down the undead hordes well past the Halloween season.