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For Honor’s open beta is now live - here’s when and everything else you want to know

For Honor

Leading on from the For Honor closed beta last week, Ubisoft are opening it up to everyone this go round. There’s much of the same content, though a few beta balance tweaks have been applied. Read on for when it starts, how to get access, and anything else you could want to know.

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When does the For Honor open beta start and end?

For Honor’s open beta begins on February 9 at 3pm CET (2pm GMT) and runs through February 12 at 11pm CET (10pm GMT). Here’s the deets on each major timezone:

  • 2pm GMT, Feb 9 – 10pm GMT, Feb 12
  • 3pm CET, Feb 9 – 11pm CET, Feb 12
  • 9am EST, Feb 9 – 5pm EST, Feb 12
  • 6am PST, Feb 9 – 2pm PST, Feb 12
  • 1am AEDT, Feb 10 – 8am AEDT, Feb 13

Or to put it simply, you’ve got most of Thursday, plus Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday to enjoy it. Kill some Samurai for me, alright?

How do I get into the For Honor open beta?

This is a lot easier than last time. Just load up Uplay and start the pre-load. If you already took part in the closed beta, there’ll be small update for the new content – more on that in a second. The full game should be around 20 gigabytes.

Head over to theFAQif you want a comprehensive breakdown of compatible hardware and the like.

What’s in the For Honor open beta?

Well, everything in the original, plus some extra bits. There’s the open beta changes we already mentioned, plus another mode, called Elimination. This is four-vs-four, like Dominion, but uses a round-based system with perma-death, like Brawl.

Can I run the For Honor open beta?

If you ran the closed beta, obviously. Otherwise, have a look at the official FAQ. Any relatively new PC should be able to do it.

Good luck with the domination! The game itself is released on February 14, 2017.