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Here’s when For Honor unlocks on PC tomorrow

For Honor

Not long now until you can dish out some historically inaccurate pain as vikings, samurai and knights implausibly duke it out in For Honor, Ubisoft’s vaguely medieval brawler. If you need to know when’s your earliest chance to get in on the action, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for details of when For Honor unlocks where.

Here’s everything we know about For Honor. 

For Honor unlocks at midnight, Eastern Time on Valentine’s Day. For the most part this applies all over the world, meaning if you’re behind Eastern time (like those of you on the west coast of the USA), you can get into the game on February 13.

Exceptions include Japan, where For Honor doesn’t unlock until February 16. Here’s a selected list of unlock times:

  • USA: Midnight EST
    • That’s 9pm PST
  • Europe: 5am GMT
    • That’s 6am CET
  • Russia: 8am MSK
  • India: 5.30am IST
  • Brazil: 3am BRST
  • Australia: 4pm AEDT

The easiest way to check on your own launch time is on Steam. Head to your local ‘For Honor’ page and check where it says “this game will unlock in approximately” however long. When it says ‘approximately’, it always rounds down from the top of the hour, so the estimate is the same regardless of whether the time is 21:01, 21:30 or 21:59. If midnight is go-time, in all three cases it’ll say there’s two hours to go.