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For Honor trailer introduces the katana-wielding Oni

For Honor trailer introduces The Oni

For Honor, Ubisoft Montreal’s medieval slice ‘n’ dicer, seems a bit exciting. Angry warriors from across the ages clashing in multiplayer melee, all steel and sweat and blood — lovely! 

The first hero in the Chosen faction, the samurais, was unveiled recently, and you can see what his deal is in the trailer below. 

He’s a quick fella, isn’t he? Though I would suggest that he could probably conserve his energy a wee bit more and not keep slashing the wind with his sword in lonely forests.

“Swift and lethal, the Oni is a skilled duelist taking advantage of his speed and skill to slay his enemies,” says Ubisoft. “Clad in his leather and wood armour and wielding a razor-sharp Japanese katana, the Oni is a true incarnation of death on the battlefield, the sight of him bringing fear into the heart of his adversaries. His special abilities, such as poisoning his blade, throwing a kunai or unleashing an Arrow Storm make him an even more deadly and fearsome warrior.”