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Forgotten roguelite For the King 2 making comback with big new update

Some games arrive with a big splash and then the ripples fade away, but For the King 2 is making a strong comback with its new update.

a spellcaster in the part shoots a beam of light at a shielded enemy

Some games have a lot of impact after they land, but once the shockwaves die down they fail to maintain their relevance. Fortunately, with some updates a forgotten game can reclaim its place in the limelight, and that looks like what’s happening to For the King 2. It debuted with respectable numbers but interest in it quickly petered out. Now a big new update has attracted more players than the game has had in months. Could this be the start of a comeback?

The Dark Carnival update in For the King 2 adds an infinite dungeon mode to the tabletop inspired roguelite game. In this new mode, players have to fight through as many dungeon floors as they can before they inevitably get defeated. A Ringmaster will make your party decide which route they want to take through the carnival. You can avoid some of the trickier paths, but you have to spend tickets to do so, and you earn them during your playthroughs.

The Dark Carnival comes with new environments to fight in and new encounters to overcome. The specifics aren’t mentioned, so you’ll need to play for yourself to uncover all the secrets within the Carnival. There are new enemies that have been revealed, though: clowns, demons, and skelly bards. Spooky. There’s also the return of a skeletal jester, the Royal Droll.

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There are also two returning characters from the original For the King game: the Marvelous Minstrel and the Benevolent Busker. Finally, there’s a wheel of fate that dishes out different effects depending on what segment it lands on. It can help or hinder you, but there is a way for you to affect the outcome, so take your destiny into your own hands.

This update has caused an uptick in players according to Steam DB, so hopefully it’s the start of a fresh wave of interest in the game.

steam DB chart showing numbers going up

If you’ve not played this game yet but the update has piqued your interest, then you can buy For the King 2 on Steam right here. It’s currently on sale for $18.74 / £14.99, down from $24.99 / £19.99 until Thursday July 11.

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