The Forest update adds a new woodland apex predator: the shark

The Forest gets sharks

The Forest is a scary time. It’s all fun and frolicing to begin with, embracing the newfound freedom that surviving a plane crash and losing a child offers, but then people want to eat you. They invite you home first, but their home is a cave filled with horrors and entrails. It’s just poor decorating, and that’s unacceptable. 

Sometimes it breaks, as Early Access titles are wont to do, and sometimes that means a corpse explodes and kills you. That might be a feature though. Some of the game’s oddities are most certainly not, however, and Endnight Games has chucked up an updated version that fixes a slew of issues – they hope – while adding important things like sharks.

The highlights of the update – beyond the addition of sharks – are rafts you can construct, birds that can be murdered, new actions for cannibals and more murder caves. The last one is extremely welcome, because up until now, cannibals always dragged you off to the same cave for a dinner date. Now you’ll wake up in a random one.

Far more important than all of that is the reduction in turtle hitpoints. No longer will turtles be free from a good chopping with an axe. Now we can easily find out what’s in their gooey, green centre.

For the full changelog, click here and become wiser.

Lamentably, your old saves won’t work with the new version. So you’ll need to start surviving from scratch. The sharks are waiting for you.