A new Forspoken cloak is free on Steam, and it’s purrfect

If you're looking for a new Forspoken cloak to kit out the RPG game's leading lady, Frey, Square Enix is giving one away for free on Steam for a limited time.

A new Forspoken cloak is free on Steam, and it's purrfect: A black woman holding a fluffy beige cat with blue eyes and a black face wearing a beanie looking sad

Square Enix’s divisive RPG game Forspoken has been heavily criticised for its hefty price point, but if you took the plunge and are looking for some free gear then you can pick up a new cloak for Frey on Steam.

The cloak in question is called ‘Cat’s Meow,’ and can also be obtained via Prime Gaming (as someone who remains far too excited about the story game, I picked it up there first).

The somewhat bare bones description reads “a cloak clearly put together with cat fanatics in mind that grants the wearer power,” but the image of the cloak tells a thousand words.

A collection of different cats are woven into the neon-coloured fabric of this classic comic-inspired cloak. Sporting black polka dots on a white background, little speech bubbles with cat food tins, and a black feline with rainbow lasers spilling from its eyes, this isn’t just perfect for cat lovers – it’s a must for goths like me who love shoving obnoxious patterns together.

Across Frey’s back there’s a huge pink Sphynx cat with glowing yellow eyes and yet more rainbows, and the cloak’s huge black hood has ‘MEOW’ embellished upon it in shiny black writing.

A black woman with her hair tied back in a bun stands in a rocky area wearing a garish cloak with cats on it and a black hood

All in all, I’m in love with this look – and no, not just because I like cats. Given Frey’s affinity towards the questionably named furry friend Homer (it’s a girl, hence the confusion) and her obsession with colourful streetwear, this look both perfectly fits the character’s lore while actually looking pretty awesome.

If you want the Forspoken Cat’s Meow cloak, you’ll need to pick it up before February 16 at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CEST. Whether or not it’ll be removed from the store completely after that remains unknown, but either way, it’s free, go get it!

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