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New Forspoken DLC sees you work with Frey’s sworn enemies

Square Enix's first Forspoken DLC has arrived in the form of In Tanta We Trust, which is set in the RPG game's past and sees Frey team up with Tanta Cinta.

New Forspoken DLC has you work with the Tantas, not fight them: A white woman with long black hair bathed in purple light

Following a rocky launch, Square Enix has unveiled the first round of Forspoken DLC, entitled ‘In Tanta We Trust.’ Sending Frey back into Athia’s past, the RPG game‘s new update revolves around saving Athia once more, while saving Frey herself in the process.

In Tanta We Trust is a prequel set 25 years before the events of Forspoken. Still looking to mend the Break and set Athia back on the straight and narrow, Frey is lured into the past by unknown forces, landing right in the middle of the Purge of the Rheddig, the final battle that sees Athia plunged into chaos.

She’ll be fighting alongside Tanta Cinta with a new set of magical abilities – including more parkour ones – in an attempt to stem the bleeding and tear down Rheddig’s forces.

The Forspoken DLC will release on May 26, with those who pre-purchased the game getting access on May 23.

A black woman wearing a desert-style hood and armour stands back to back with a white woman wearing a blue cape fighting in a battle

If you don’t want spoilers for the main game, I suggest you stop reading now. All of the expansion-specific information is above, after all.

Personally I am so excited for this DLC. I stand very firmly on the ‘Forspoken wasn’t that bad’ hill and will probably die here, so for me a DLC is exactly what I need to keep that hype flowing.

I’m especially buzzed at Tanta Cinta’s involvement. During the events of Forspoken we find out that she’s Frey’s biological mother, and that she sent Frey to our universe to keep her safe from the Break. Their reunion in the base game is short but sweet, so I can’t wait to see how they interact together in the DLC.

If you too are on the ‘Forspoken wasn’t that bad’ train – welcome! It’s been lonely here. Be sure to check out our rundown of the different types of Forspoken magic that Frey can use, as well as the best Forspoken settings so that you can relive Rheddig in its full, bloody glory.