New Forspoken update has fixes, but not the big ones

The new Forspoken update still only fixes minor issues with the RPG game's PC port, leaving players underwhelmed and Square Enix firmly in the firing line.

New Forspoken update has fixes, but not the big ones: A woman wearing a huge circular gold crown and red and gold robes stands with her hands out wide: New Forspoken update has fixes, but not the big ones

Another day, another Forspoken update that appears to miss the entire point of being a patch. Since the RPG game‘s release players have reported stuttering, crashing, and a slew of other graphical issues, but Square Enix seems content with leaving the bugs be.

While the first Forspoken patch apparently did more harm than good, subsequent patches have failed to fix the issues that ensued post-1.002, with stuttering, crashes, and general issues still running rampant throughout Athia.

Luminous has confirmed that a huge upcoming patch will “include improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes,” but I’m afraid it ain’t this one, folks.

No, Forspoken update 1.04 is just as underwhelming as previous iterations, with small technical issues and more localisation fixes headlining a relatively beige update.

Unfortunately, the result of these tiny tweaks will likely just be more frustration, as many fans have argued that the open-world game has simply been hung out to dry following divided reviews and a rocky launch. As someone who has played quite a bit of the game and enjoyed it (sue me), it puts a dampener on my experience, too, because it certainly feels like the game has been somewhat left to rot. Forspoken? More like Forsaken, am I right?

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Forspoken update 1.04

I live in hope that we’ll see some significant overhauls soon, but for now here are the patch notes for the Forspoken 1.04 update, courtesy of Square Enix.

Technical Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the camera moves unintentionally when certain Xinput devises are used as the controller. (PC version)
  •  Fixed an issue where the FSR setting automatically changes to Normal upon restarting the game when the FSR, DLSS, and 3D Resolution are set to a certain setting. (PC version)
  • Fixed an issue where the game shows unintended behavior when PlayStation®5’s DualSense Edge™ wireless controller is connected to the PC. (PC version)
  • Various minor fixes.

Feature Updates

  • The text font for Traditional/Simplified Chinese has been changed.
  • The system text that displays when certain items are unlocked have been updated.
  • The system text accompanied with Patch 1.03’s mouse config bug fix update will be now displayed in all languages.
  • Minor optimization for certain features.

As the Forspoken saga continues, be sure to check out our rundown of the Forspoken system requirements so that your rig doesn’t spontaneously combust – it’s a heavy game, trust me. If your PC is in danger of catching fire we also have a list of the best fantasy games which, in terms of hardware, are all quite a bit safer.