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Fortnite patch notes 5.41: new Port-a-Fortress item arriving before season 6

The final Fortnite patch notes for season 5 add the new Port-a-Fortress item, here's what to expect on Fortnite update day

fortnite update port a fortress

This week's set of Fortnite patch notes 5.41 mark the last major update of Fortnite season 5. As much as we would love to see season 5 end with an exotic new item or weapon, the Fortnite patch notes 5.41 will be relatively minor compared to previous weeks. The new Fortnite item has been confirmed to be the Port-a-Fortress, an upgraded version of the Port-a-Fort, so nothing on the scale of the High Stakes event or Jetpack.

Last week was one of the battle royale’s biggest refreshers yet with the addition of the Suppressed Assault Rifle in the Fortnite 4.5 update, which was followed by the launch of the High Stakes event later in the week. As usual, expect Fortnite to be taken offline for at least a couple of hours while this update rolls out – this will likely occur at 09:00 BST.

For the Fortnite patch notes 5.41 we know that we’ll be getting our hands on the Port-a-Fortress item. As the name suggests, this is a bigger version of the Port-a-Fort. Just like it's smaller sibling is, the Port-a-Fortress is a throwable item that explodes when it hits the ground, instantly spawning a towering metal structure with bouncy tyres to help you reach the vantage point at the top.

Of course there’s a lot more to the Fortnite 5.41 patch notes than a new item. Epic Games have released the full patch notes, which includes bug fixes, details on new Limited Time Modes, and a bonus new item for the Playground LTM. Here are the Fortnite 5.41 patch notes:

Fortnite patch notes 5.41 release time

The new Fortnite update is live now, so open up your Epic Games launcher to start downloading the latest patch.

Fortnite patch notes 5.41 new items

Port-a-Fortress added

fortnite update port a fortress

  • Instantly spawns a massive metal structure complete with Bouncers at the bottom to help you reach the top


  • You can find the Port-a-Fortress in Vending Machines, chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas


  • Legendary

Spiky Stadium added (Playground LTM)

spiky stadium fortnite patch notes


  • Much like the Port-a-Fort, the Spiky Stadium will instantly spawn a structure. However, the Spiky Stadium is designed for mini-games with friends, and as such, is comprised entirely of Bouncers and Spike Traps


  • This item can only be found in red supply drops

Fortnite patch notes 5.41 new Limited Time Mode

Each new week of Fortnite also brings a new or returning LTM, and this week we’re getting Soaring Solos, a slight tweak to the standard mode with the exception that players can open their Gliders when jumping from great heights.

Fortnite 5.41 patch notes gameplay changes

For us PC players there is only one adjustment worth noting, but it’s a big one: the Storm wall no longer destroys structures during the last few circles of the match. Console players have some minor tweaks to button activation times.

Fortnite 5.41 patch notes bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where there was a slight delay when consuming multiple Small Shield Potions
  • The Grappler will no longer result in an inability to change equipment


  • Reload audio for the Double Barrel Shotgun no longer plays twice


  • Unsupported characters within in-game names will now show up as �, rather than the fallback debugging font glyph that was previously used
  • Loading the fallback font was causing long hitches for clients, so we’ve disabled it
  • Fixed an issue causing the reticle to not appear until after you’ve switched weapons
  • Added new generic icons to represent console and desktop platforms for cross-platform play

Art & animation

  • Added edge glow to wall bounce pads, only visible from the reverse side. This is to help players recognize when a wall bounce pad is on the opposite side of a ledge in front of them
  • CUBE visual effects will no longer get stuck after a player has left the area
  • The Grill Sergeant Outfit will now render properly in-game. This fixes the issue where players were seeing a floating head and pickaxe