Here are the Fortnite update v12.10 patch notes Epic Games won’t tell you

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2

Fortnite‘s new v12.10 update is out now, but what does it actually do? Developer Epic Games has published patch notes for the Creative and Save the World modes, but not for Battle Royale. Don’t worry though, we’re here to save your world and let you know what’s changing with the new update.

Despite Epic’s decision to stop publishing patch notes, fans have found both proximity mines and the returning loot llamas in this update. Elsewhere, a post on Fortnite’s public Trello board, which Epic uses to track known issues with the game, we know some of the things that have been tweaked in v12.10. One such issue is a commonly experienced bug where players were collecting XP coins but not actually gaining any XP; this issue has now been fixed.

Other problems, such as weak point hits not registering and maps not being closable if you had the map input button bound to d-pad up, have also been addressed. The full list of problems fixed in the new update can be found below, via Epic.

Dataminers have, however, been hard at work since the patch went live, and they’ve already found lots of stuff seemingly coming to Fortnite soon. A heavy “slug fire” shotgun and legendary scoped assault rifle variant appear to be in testing, while lots more emotes and wraps have also been uncovered. Fortnite also has a Rainbow Six Siege-like weapon skin now, too. Just a coincidence though, right?

Fortnite: Battle Royale Update v12.10 patch notes

Fixed issues


  • Flair style of Y0ND3R incorrectly locked.
  • Big Haul Glider variant may not unlock.

Battle Royale

  • XP gain from XP Coins not appearing in XP bar.
  • Unable to close map with map input if bound to directional pad up.
  • Teammate arrows flickering / temporarily disappearing in Team Rumble.
  • Weak Point hits not registering when very close to them.
  • Splitscreen: Player 1 interrupts Player 2’s trigger button action.
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