All Fortnite Corrupted Areas locations: where to visit all of the Corrupted Areas

Where do I visit all of the Corrupted Areas in Fortnite? Here’s where to drop so you can rake in the Battle Stars

All Fortnite Corrupted Zones locations

The Fortnite Corrupted Areas are spread in various across the map, and their brief history is all tied up in the launch of Fortnite season 6. As Epic’s fifth season of battle royale goodness came to a close, Kevin the cube produced runes on the ground on its journey to Loot Lake. These runes remain at the centre of scorched areas on the map, and they are the Fortnite Corrupted Areas locations you need to visit for five Battle Stars.

Not only is this challenge nice and simple, but it’s free, too. Each week we get three free challenges and four Battle Pass ones, and your search for all Fortnite Corrupted Areas counts as the former this time. That means you don’t need to buy the Battle Pass to join in, but it will mean you miss out on some premium Fortnite skins.

Fortnite Corrupted Areas are a part of all the Fortnite season 6 map changes that came to the game recently, as well as the Fortnite Shadow Stones which are currently still vaulted pending urgent fixes. This week’s Fortnite week 2 challenges are rather simple and the most recent Fortnite patch notes 6.01 have been pretty small, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as we visit all of the Corrupted Areas in Fortnite. Here are the locations of all seven of them.

All Fortnite Corrupted Areas locations

All Fortnite Corrupted Areas locations map

We’ve created the map above which shows you where to visit all of the Corrupted Areas in Fortnite. You need to visit all seven to get the five Battle Stars. When you land make sure to either make a quick getaway or take advantage of the golden chests that usually spawn around the runes at the centre of each area.