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All Fortnite vehicle timed trials locations: where to complete three races against the clock

Need a hand with finding and finishing vehicle timed trials in Fortnite? Here’s the help you need for ten Battle Stars

Fortnite vehicle timed trials locations

Where are the vehicle timed trials in Fortnite? And, when you get there, how do you complete vehicle timed trials? This is, of course, not our first set of time-sensitive challenges in Epic’s wonderfully addictive battle royale game, nor is it the first one that requires you to do it on four wheels.

Yes, if you want to complete vehicle timed trials in Fortnite, you’re going to need some wheels, obviously. Three exist in the game already: the agile, but relatively weak Shopping Cart, the quick, bounce pad-featuring All Terrain Kart, and the powerful and boostable Quadcrasher, which is by far your best bet. Once you’ve got behind the wheel – or however you actually operate a Shopping Cart – you can start to make your way to the start line of this week 10 challenge.

Oh, and you’ll need to have a Battle Pass, too. This task that pits you against the clock is one of the four premium challenges you get each week. It costs 950 Fortnite V-Bucks to acquire, but since Fortnite season 7 is almost here, you might be better off waiting before you get your wallet out. For players who can only tackle the free challenges, here’s where to visit a Viking Ship, Camel, and crashed Battle Bus in the game. For now, here’s where to complete vehicle timed trials.

All Fortnite vehicle timed trials locations

Get ready to put pedal to the metal: here are the vehicle timed trials we know about so far:

Fortnite vehicle timed trials locations map

  • South side of the caravan park between Lonely Lodge and Retail Row
  • North-west of Lazy Links
  • North-east of Dusty Divot
  • By the scrap metal llama north-west of Junk Junction

The first place we checked was the race track in Paradise Palms, naturally. But once we attempted doing a lap on the track’s winding tarmac roads, we can confirm that, once again, this is not the solution for this challenge. When it comes to the on-foot Fortnite timed trials and the Fortnite Radar Signs challenges from this current season, they each took place away from this very obvious location. Either way you have three to complete for ten Battle Stars.

So that’s where to complete Fortnite vehicle timed trials. When you’re all done – since we’re nearing the end of season 6 – consider catching up on the challenges you’ve missed, be it smashing balloons on Fortnite Carnival Clown Boards or Fortnite Fish Trophies. In the meantime, best of luck behind the wheel.