The Fortnite Anime Legends Pack is coming to stores near you

The Fortnite Anime Legends pack is a brand new collection of items you can go out and buy in real life from retail stores for the game

A Fortnite Anime Legends image with the new Rox skin in front of a yellow background

Fortnite Anime Legends is an upcoming collection of items coming to retail stores as a download code in a box and digital stores in October. It’s not often we get to write about real-world purchases, but then again, it’s also not all that often things release in real life – at least according to Steam. Well, Fortnite cares not for conventions.

Epic put out a post on the Anime Legends pack detailing everything in it and when it’s coming out. It’ll hit stores on October 14 and digital stores on October 22. While you’d be forgiven for thinking this would be a way to grab the Naruto and upcoming Dragon Ball Z skins in one place, that’s not actually what this pack is all about at all.

Instead, the pack contains versions of Midas, Rox, and Penny with new anime-looking skins and some new items too. There’s even a new emote too, called Lil’ Kart, which we’re assuming has your player jumping into a go-kart and travelling around a bit. Each character has a new back bling and pickaxe, but our personal favourite has to be Rox. With an adorable little robot as a backpack, and a cool beam sword as a pickaxe, how could you not pick them?

Physical packs of Fortnite Anime Legends will only be available for consoles from gaming retailers, but digital copies will be available all over the shop as always and will cost $19.99 USD. We’d be shocked if it wasn’t about £20 for us in the UK too, but we’ll happily wait to be pleasantly surprised on that front.

In other Fortnite news, you can now cool down with a tasty ice cream before using the brand-new Prime Shotgun to take out a troublesome foe.