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Fortnite Bat Signals: where to light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City

The Fortnite X Batman event adds a slew of free cosmetics that you can earn for free if you tick off the Gotham City challenges

fortnite bat signals challenge

Looking for three Fortnite Bat Signals outside of Gotham City? It’s getting increasingly tricky to keep on top of new in-game events in Fortnite, but the latest partnership brings the Caped Crusader to Epic Games’ battle royale in the from on new Fortnite skins, a new Gotham City map area, and some Fortnite Batman challenges.

The majority of the new Fortnite X Batman challenges task players with using some of the new gadgets like the new Grapple Gun or the Explosive Batarang. However, a few of the new challenges are all about exploring the map, both inside and outside of Gotham City. This guide to finding all three Fortnite Bat Signals will hopefully help you on your path to completing the full set of Batman challenges in Fortnite and earn the shiny new Glider.

This challenge will take you to Junk Junction, a hill between Loot Lake and Pleasant Park, and villain’s lair. This won’t take long to complete and is probably easiest to complete in a respawn-enabled mode like Team Rumble, so you can drop multiple times in a game.

Where to find Fortnite Bat Signals

The locations for the three Fortnite Bat Signals are as follows. You can find the first Fortnite Bat Signal on a hill between Pleasant Park and Snobby Shores that also houses a villain’s base. As you land you’ll want to aim for the top of the hill, and for a corner that’s facing the meteor suspended in the sky.

The next location is on a hill between Loot Lake and Pleasant Park. If you open your map you should see that there is a line of three hills between the two named locations – you’re aiming for the middle one. The Fortnite Bat Signal is in the middle of the hilltop.

The final Fortnite Bat Signal is on top of a building in Junk Junction. Aim for the largest building in Junk Junction.