A major Fortnite streamer has quit to play Valorant instead

Popular Fortnite streamer Benjyfishy has announced that he's giving up on Fortnite competitive and going full-time as a Valorant streamer instead

Fortnite streamer Benjyfishy has left Fishstick and Fortnite streaming to try Valorant streaming instead

A prominent Fortnite competitive player and streamer has announced that they’re giving up on Epic’s popular battle royale game and moving to a completely different multiplayer game instead – Riot’s Valorant.

18-year-old streamer and professional gamer Benjyfishy, a.k.a. Benjy Fish (yes, that’s actually his real name), has announced that he is quitting playing Fortnite competitively and is focusing his attention on FPS game Valorant, with the backing of his team at NRG. Fish has been playing Fortnite all his professional life and was one of the top players in the Fortnite World Cup.

So why the switch? Fish confesses that he “fell out of love with Fortnite” around Chapter 3 Season 2, saying that “it seems pointless carrying on something I don’t enjoy.” He adds that he’s “so incredibly grateful” for those years he spent playing Fortnite. “I don’t think I’d replace those years for anything.”

As for why he chose Valorant, the streamer says that “it’s genuinely the most fun that I’ve ever had gaming” since the Fortnite World Cup. While he may stream Fortnite in the future, competitively he’s moving wholesale to Valorant. He will remain with NRG, however.

Fish goes on to thank a number of people – most importantly, his mum. “Without her, I would never have been able to start this journey, as she allowed me to pursue my dream, which I’m forever grateful for”

It’s certainly a good time to be getting into Valorant, as episode 5 and the new Pearl map are on their way.