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Fortnite’s black hole has a minigame

You can use the famous Konami code on the Fortnite black hole to access a secret burger-shooting minigame.

This weekend, the unthinkable happened – Fortnite died. The whole map, the entire game, even the game’s social networks have been completely annihilated – leaving nothing but the void of space and an eerie black hole at the centre. Nevertheless, the most important thing remains – being able to shoot a giant burger.

As tweeted out by Fortnite News, there’s a secret minigame hidden on the black hole screen in the game – which is currently the entire game, of course. You can access the arcade-like game by putting in the famous Konami code, at which point you’re presented with the only part of Fortnite that can still be played.

If you don’t know, the Konami code is p, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start – or Enter, if you’re playing with mouse and keyboard. You’ll be presented with a simple shooter, except played with icons from Fortnite’s fast food franchises – Pizza Pit and Durr Burger. You play as a pizza slice attempting to destroy a giant burger, and we can’t believe we just wrote that sentence.

The minigame is in the style of a classic arcade space shooter, such as Galaga. At first little burgers fall from the top, which you simply blast with your pizza slice to explode in a splat of ketchup and mustard. Finally a giant Durr burger boss enters, who fires little pineapple-like rockets at you. Blow him up and you’ll get a “vicdurrry”.

You can carry on playing from that point to get a better high score, but you won’t meet anything new after you’ve killed the first boss. It’s certainly cute, and something to play in the meantime while you wait for Fortnite season 2 to begin.

Season 11 was due to start yesterday, instead Fortnite blew up – literally. When the game comes back, we expect to see a brand new map – and maybe even boats, at last.