Where are the body scanners in Fortnite

The locations for all of the body scanners in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite body scanners. It is a circular platform with a console attached to it.

Want to know where the body scanners are in Fortnite? The second legendary quest this week is to find a body scanner to definitively prove that you are not an alien in disguise. This could be tricky to explain if you’re wearing any one of the Kymera styles, but to prove that you aren’t a mole in the IO’s plans, you’ll first need to step onto one of the body scanners found around the map.

This questline, given by Doctor Slone, requires that you first find the dead drop in Weeping Woods and talk to a bunch of Fortnite NPCs that are still loyal to the IO. Once you’ve completed that quest, you then need to acquire one of the IO alien weapons to damage enemies, and damage an IO guard to mark you as an enemy. They’re all relatively straightforward steps, but completing them with other players shooting each other around you will be another matter, especially if you’re after the new cosmic chests in Fortnite.

So if you want a whole bunch of experience to put towards the Battle Pass and unlock some of this season’s Fortnite skins, you’ll want to finish these limited time quests before the next set of legendary challenges drop next week.

All the Fortnite body scanners pinpointed on the map. They're all in IO bases.

Fortnite body scanner locations

All of the body scanners are in IO bases, and there are seven scanners in total. You only need to use one to complete the challenge.

The Fortnite body scanner locations are:

  • West of Believer Beach – look in the small shack at the entrance to the base
  • North-west of Pleasant Park – inside the hut close to the big satellite dish
  • West of Steamy Stacks – inside the shack close to the back of the base near the radio antenna with a dish on it
  • South-west of Dirty Docks – inside the building with a slanted roof next to the radio tower
  • East of Weeping Woods – inside the small building next to the fuel tank
  • South-west of Slurpy Swamp – inside the building with the slanted roof next to the big satellite dish
  • South-east of Misty Meadows – inside the small building next to the big satellite dish

Once you’ve found a body scanner, step on top of it and it’ll scan you. This will take a few seconds, so make sure that you don’t have any enemy players around, or you’ll be a sitting duck.

Armed with the definitive proof that you are not an alien, you’ll complete the Fortnite body scanner challenge. While you’re here, you may want to know what the tweaks are to Fortnite crafting and which animals appear on the map in the new season. We also have guides for recent collection-based challenges, including the locations for the spray cans, and the graffiti-covered walls.