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Fortnite bosses: who are the Season 4 bosses

Here’s where you’ll find the Fortnite vaults, and the new bosses you’ll need to take down to access them


Who are the Season 4 Fortnite bosses? Chapter 2 Season 4 has ushered in a new group of enemies and the usual agents introduced in Season 3 have vanished from the map and the vaults they were guarding are currently open, containing loot or a chest.

Season 4 sees the arrival of a Marvel crossover, with the agent headquarters now transformed into an Avengers HQ, featuring She-Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Storm – and it looks like Weapon X is on the way, as you can currently complete weekly challenges to get the Wolverine skin in Fortnite. Of course, no superhero would exist without a deadly nemesis and we’ve seen the Marvel gang, along with the resident Fortnite characters team up to take on the impending threat heading towards the map.

It looks like there’s just one boss in the game for now, though, found in a new location with a heavily guarded vault. Doctor Doom is the latest Fortnite boss and he can be found northwest of the map in a new location called Doom’s Domain. Although Doctor Doom is currently the only Fortnite boss, from the looks of the trailer, more Marvel enemies could be on the way, here’s who we’ve seen so far.


Doctor Doom can be found in Doom’s Domain, a new spot on the map where Pleasant Park dominated for a long time. He’s guarding a vault underneath the soccer pitch and can be found either by the vault, or holed up in House Doom just north of Doom’s Domain. Although he doesn’t drop any mythic weapons, he does drop a vault keycard used to access goodies at the vault underneath.

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Iron Man

Sure, Iron Man might be the good guy, but we want to try out his cool rocket gloves and he doesn’t like sharing so we’ll have to fight him for them. Tony Stark spawns every game within Stark Industries – travel over to the complex and have a look for his classic Iron Man suit in the main building. If you find him, he’ll likely already be shooting at you so watch out. His gloves are a powerful weapon so make sure to keep behind cover where you can.


A special variant of the Gatherer Drones being sent out by Galactus, the Gorger is a boss that drops special loot and can be defeated to complete the Galactus punch card. There isn’t a persistent spawn for this boss, so we advise you read our Fortnite Gorger guide.



The main baddie we’ve seen is Galactus. In the Season 4 trailer Thor summons the Avengers and they can all be seen pointing up towards the sky at the imminent arrival of Galactus. Although there’s currently no sign of him in the game, hopefully we’ll be able to swing Thor’s hammer in Fortnite just in time for his arrival.

Silver Surfer

It also looks like Silver Surfer is heading into Fortnite, with a Silver Surfer bundle now available offering a skin, glider, and pickaxe. Although, he could turn up at a new location to guard one of the vaults? It would make sense if the Fortnite bosses got progressively harder leading up to the arrival of Galactus, and Silver Surfer certainly fits the bill considering his connection to Galactus.

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