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Fortnite bosses: how to break into all the secret vaults

Here’s what you’ll find inside the new Fortnite vaults, and the agent bosses you’ll need to take down to access them


So, what do you get for defeating all the Fortnite bosses in Chapter 2 Season 2? If legendary tier loot isn’t enough, mythic weapons are back in the latest Top Secret season, which involves secret missions, all new Fortnite agents, and Deadpool… for some reason.

Thanks to an updated map, there are five new points of interest, all of which have mini bosses that you’ll need to defeat in order to get your hands on a mythic weapon and acquire a key card to unlock a sealed vault. Inside each vault you’ll find chests, gold weapons, and XP, but you’ll need to take out the Fortnite bosses guarding them first. Dealing damage to Fortnite bosses and collecting the mythic weapons is also part of the new TNTina challenges as well as the final challenge, to destroy Fortnite dropboxes – so it’s definitely worth dropping at these Fortnite boss locations.

Each location features NPCs, known as henchmen that scout and patrol the area ready to fend off infiltrators, and a mini boss, in the form of all the five Fortnite agent skins available in the Battle Pass. The Fortnite bosses range from 007 villain-inspired to the frankly disturbing and offensive, yes, we’re looking at your Meowscles, you gross affront to felinekind. Here’s our guide on the mythic weapon you’ll sport for the rest of the game once each of the Fortnite bosses falls.

how to collect fortnite boss weapons

You’ll need to collect 3 different boss weapons for TNTina’s week 4 challenges – so here’s our handy guide to all the Fortnite bosses, where to find them, and what they’ll drop for you once you’ve taken them down.

The Fortnite bosses are:


Fortnite bosses locations


Brutus can be found at The Grotto and once defeated you’ll earn yourself a mythic minigun. You’ll want to head to the north side of the agency facility and can disguise yourself in a phone booth to get around the patrolling henchmen. Of course as soon as you fire a shot the whole base will be on your back, so be ready for a fight.


If the name itself isn’t enough to make your skin crawl, then we’re certain the half man, half cat monstrosity is worth your bullets. This jacked abomination can be found at The Yacht, inside the main room guarded by henchmen. Once you’ve finished this feline, you’ll get his… Peow Peow rifle. Yeah.


This gold-plated goon can be found at Agency HQ right in the middle of the map. Here’s our guide on the Agency HQ location in Fortnite, including how to take out Midas and earn yourself the mythic Drum Gun. This is hands down the best weapon currently in Fortnite so it’s worth the battle.


This Fortnite boss can be found at The Rig, a new oily spot on the map crawling with yet more henchman. TNTina will don the mythic Boom Bow and can be found hanging around the top of the rig.


An easy favourite, the mythic scar assault rifle can be acquired from taking down Skye at The Shark location in the northwest corner of the map.

It’s not just henchmen that you’ll need to keep a lookout for, these new locations also have turrets protecting the vaults, as well as other players eager to earn the golden gear. The Fortnite vaults are well worth the loot, though, but it’s a risky play – so best of luck in taking out these Fortnite bosses. If you’re still getting up to speed on season two, here’s how to open doors behind ID scanners, and everything you need to know about the new Fortnite factions – will you choose Ghost or Shadow?

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