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Fortnite bosses: where to find all Season 3 bosses

Here’s where you’ll find the Fortnite vaults, and the new bosses you’ll need to take down to access them


Where are the new Fortnite bosses in Chapter 2 Season 3? Now a new season has arrived, the Fortnite bosses you’ll find around the map have been replaced with three fresh faces. As with the previous season, you can still earn mythic weapons and open vaults by taking down these bosses.

The new flooded Fortnite map sees some iconic locations disappear beneath the waves, replaced by inflatable pads, or houses on floaters – not to mention some killer Fortnite sharks. As you go island hopping between sunken points of interest you’ll discover new locations as well as three new Fortnite bosses to take down.

As usual, they’re surrounded by henchmen, but you can always use a nearby phone booth to disguise yourself so you can safely make your way to the head honcho. It’s worth going for these Fortnite bosses, as they drop some powerful loot and provide a vault key to open a nearby vault. Just be sure to keep an eye out for other players with the same idea as you. As new locations spring up on the Season 3 Fortnite map, here’s where to find all the Fortnite bosses, including which mythic guns they’ll drop on defeat.

The Season 3 Fortnite bosses are:

  • Kit
  • Jules
  • Ocean

Fortnite Season 3 bosses locations

Where is Kit in Fortnite?

The robotic cat can be found in Catty Corner, a new location southeast of the map. Kit is surrounded by henchmen in the 24 hour gas station, on the top floor. Simply use a phone booth to disguise yourself and get in a couple of headshots before he falls. Kit will drop two mythic weapons: the Charge Shotgun and the Shockwave launcher.

Where is Ocean in Fortnite?

Ocean can be found in a heavily patrolled area southwest of the map, called The Fortilla. She’s quite hard to find, so it’s worth taking down a henchman to scan and get her exact location. She drops a Bottomless Chug Jug and a Burst Assault Rifle.

Where is Jules in Fortnite?

Jules can be found slap bang in the middle of the map at The Authority, again, another built up area packed with henchmen. Jules can be found heavily guarded in the central building. She’ll drop the Glider Gun and the Drum Gun.

That’s where you’ll find the Fortnite bosses in Chapter 2 Season 3. If you’re just getting to grips with this season’s new additions, check out how cars work in Fortnite and how to get your hands on the Fortnite Aquaman skin.

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