Where to find the Fortnite car parts

You will need to find three car parts in the Fortnite map and they’re all in very specific locations

Player walking close to one of the car parts in the junkyard outside of Dirty Docks in Fortnite. There is a machine that says "Go Away" behind it.

Looking for the Fortnite car parts? Scavenger hunts have long been the normality in Fortnite, but this challenge is one of the most fiendish in quite some time. Your task is to find three car parts in the Fortnite map and quite frankly it’s not exactly an easy feat.

The problem is that each one of the car parts is found in one specific location, and each part is really obscured. It’s not like some of the items we’ve looked for in the past where they’re the size of a small structure. No, these are tiny car parts and to find them all you’ll certainly need guidance, particularly the third one – it’s an absolute doozy!

We will show you precisely where to look for each one of the three car parts: the two that are in the small junkyard close to Dirty Docks, and the one incredibly well hidden one in Dirty Docks itself. Just make sure to equip a gun first: others will likely troll you when trying to find them.

Fortnite car parts locations

While Dirty Docks is a named location that’s easy to locate – towards the east of the map, the junkyard outside of it is not. You can find the rough area by going into the challenges screen and clicking the task to find the locations in question, but you should be heading west out of Dirty Docks. It’s by the river but not across from it.

Here are the three locations you need to head to in order to complete this challenge:

Junkyard outside Dirty Docks

Look for the big orange contraption towards the back of the junkyard. It has “Go Away” written on it. Just to the side of it closest to the building is where you should be looking.
By the chain link fence, towards the northeast of the location and you should see it next to some scrapped cars.

The player is standing outside of the one storage container in Dirty Docks that houses one of the Fortnite car parts.

Dirty Docks

This one is incredibly hard to find. Inside the barely open silver storage container head towards the north of the T as you look at Dirty Docks on the minimap. It can be very hard to spot, but just peek inside of it and you should find it. There’s a teal storage container to the right of it and the chain link fence is off the ledge behind it.

And those are where you’ll find the car parts in this week’s Fortnite challenge. Hopefully this gets you one step closer to completing this week’s battle pass challenges in one of the best battle royale games. Do keep an eye out for other guides based on this week’s challenges, including where to find the Fortnite plant evidence locations.

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