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You can now kidnap downed Fortnite players

If you're feeling down, or 'downed' rather, other players can now give you a literal pick-me-up

Remember, remember the 15th of October when everyone was talking about Fortnite Chapter 2. In this massive update of the insanely successful battle royale, you can now kidnap other players. That’s right, if a player happens to be heavily wounded, or ‘downed’ as one might say, a friend or a foe can pick you up and take you wherever their heart may desire. That is until they’re shot.

In this video Fortnite streamer CDNThe3rd is playing squads when an enemy team gets the better of him. When you’re playing with a team, and you life gets depleted, you get ‘downed’, meaning you have to crawl around until the rest of your team dies, you get shot even more, or your team revives you.

In this case, poor CDNThe3rd isn’t given a helping hand by his own team, he’s temporarily kidnapped by the guys that just shot him. Charming. The streamer is then dropped when the player carrying him is shot and luckily his squad saves the day.

This mechanic looks as though it’ll mostly be useful when you need to save your friend from the deadly storm or when you need to get them out of a violent firing line, rather than regularly kidnapping an enemy. Kidnapping someone looks rather fun all the same.

After Fortnite Chapter 2 was launched earlier today, players have been tearing the game apart looking for new landmarks, features, and mechanics they haven’t seen before. Although your first match may have been against bots, there are thousands of fans getting into this new era of the battle royale.

I’m not sure I fancy getting kidnapped, in Fortnite or otherwise. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of potential for where players will take their dying friends or enemies in the coming weeks.