Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 super level styles are now available

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has some of the best skins yet in the battle royale game, and if you've been grinding hard enough you can make them even cooler

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 Super Level Styles are shown off in this image.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 super level styles are now here. This season has some truly incredible skins, and the battle royale game is far better for it. It can make the decision of what to look like a little stressful, but it’s certainly better to be blessed with such a vast array of options than it is to be starved of them.

Chapter 3 season 4 has been a blast so far, and with the likes of Iron Man and X-23 skins all over the place, there’s more than enough star power to keep even the most die-hard crossover fan happy. The original skins are excellent too, with one taking Brie Larson’s likeness, and one being an emo cat, which we obviously love.

The super level styles are special versions of the chapter 3 season 4 battle pass skins that have different colour schemes on them, and they’re all pretty spectacular. It’s not likely that everyone has hit the point where they can unlock super level styles just yet, but if you’re grinding through that battle pass anyway, then at least you now know what you’ve got to look forward to if you max it out and go beyond.

If you’re newer to the game and you’re still finding your feet, we actually recommend putting them under you by learning how to slide in Fortnite. We’ve also got a very handy guide for the all Fortnite bytes quest that’s going on at the moment.