Fortnite character Ash Williams embraces the Evil Dead groovy

New Fortnite character Ash Williams from Evil Dead has hit the battle royale game in chapter 3 season 4, letting Epic players show off their horror game love

Fortnite character Ash Williams embraces the Evil Dead groovy: Ash Williams from Evi; Dead and now a character in Epic battle royale game Fortnite

A brand-new Fortnite character pack for Ash William from Evil Dead is now in the Epic battle royale game, and it’s an excellent opportunity to show off your horror game love, and drop some trademark Bruce Campbell catchphrases. The spooky Fortnitemares season really is delivering once again.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has had a plethora of excellent skins and item packs to choose from including the Black Adam skin, but for players who simply love the end of October, it’s all about Fortnitemares. That means that a lot of people have probably already picked up the Concept Royale winners, but it also means a lot you’re about to see a lot of people running around as Ash Williams from Evil Dead.

Fortnite ash williams evil dead. This image shows Ash Williams along with his unique items. .

The new Ash Williams pack includes the Ash Williams outfit, complete with intimidating eyebrows, a Necronomicon Ex-Mortis back bling, a Boomstick back bling, a new loading screen and emote, and a character-specific pickaxe in the form of the Chainsaw Hand. The only bad thing about this item pack is that the pickaxe is locked to Ash Williams, because we’d love to see more characters waving chainsaws around wildly.

Even if you don’t grab the item pack, you can still embrace a little bit of Evil Dead because The Knowby Cabin has appeared on the new Fortnite map in the western woods of Reality Falls. Keep an eye out for Easter Eggs, and also dodgy-looking trees.

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