Fortnite clocks locations: where to visit different clocks across the map

Need the time? If you're looking for all the big ol' timepieces on the island, here's where they are

Where are all Fortnite clocks in Battle Royale? Whether you’re checking to see when the storm’s closing in, or you just need to be home in time for your tea, there are a few different clocks in Fortnite to help you get your temporal bearings. But you haven’t got time to find them all yourself, have you?

That’s what we’re here for with this Fortnite clocks locations guide. There are three time towers in total that you need to visit, and it’ll reward you with five more Battle Stars to progress your Battle Pass. That way you can grab yourself some lovely new Fortnite skins, which you’d normally have to use Fortnite V-Bucks to pick up.

But you obviously don’t want to have to do that, so with this guide you’ll find all clocks in Fortnite. Since they can be found in Happy Hamlets, Neo Tilted, and Junk Junction, they’re fairly spread out. So you might want to visit each one and then get killed to end the game, unless you manage to track down a vehicle. Anyway, here are all the Fortnite clocks locations.

All Fortnite clocks locations

As we mentioned above, you only need to find three of the clocky blighters to complete this challenge, so you should be done in a jiffy. One is located in the centre of Happy Hamlets – near where you can find the Oink restaurant that plays host to Fortnite Fortbyte 60. Another can be found in the southwest corner of Junk Junction – it’s the destroyed tower next to the yellow sign at the entrance.

The last Fortnite clock can be visited at Neo Tilted. This is a new-fangled digital clock that can be found shining brightly atop the urban area’s skyline, you can’t miss it. For a visual representation of the Fortnite clock locations, take a look at the map above.

Get yourself some Fortbytes:
Fortnite Fortbytes locations
Fortnite Fortbyte 11
Fortnite Fortbyte 43

And there you have it, and now you know what time it is: Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges time! We’ve already danced the night way at Fortnite beach parties and bounced some Fortnite giant beach balls to kick off this fortnight of special, seasonal quests, but more are coming every day. And, as ever, the best way to keep up with all of them is right here, at PCGN.