Where to collect cat food in Fortnite

The location and everything you need to know about this legendary quest

A batch of Fortnite cat food you can collect next to a container in Dusty Docks.

Want to know where to collect cat food in Fortnite? One of this week’s legendary challenges requires you to find big boxes full of cans containing ‘tasty’ grub perfect for feline friends. However, finding anything on the map in this battle royale game is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It doesn’t help that this Fortnite challenge is full of red herrings. Catty Corner seems like a safe bet, as does the huge stack of cat food cans in Corny Complex, but these are not the cans you are looking for. You also need to collect two cans to complete this Fortnite challenge, but they can be found at just two locations.

It’s not just the elaborate legendary quests that Fortnite has added either – Chapter 2 Season 7 adds a whole bunch of collectibles to find, such as Fortnite alien artifacts which are scattered throughout the map and can be used to customise your Kymera styles. There’s also Fortnite cosmic chests which need multiple players to crack it open to claim the precious loot inside.

Two locations on the Fortnite map where you can collect cat food pinpointed.

Fortnite cat food location

You can collect cat food in Fortnite from the Dusty Docks harbour or the supermarket in Retail Row. By the shipping containers, there are some cans next to big boxes with cat logos on them. These are, despite their weird size and looking like cans of tinned fruit, the cat food you need to collect. There are two of them here, so just nab them to complete the challenge.

The other place where you can find cat food is by the back wall of the supermarket close to Abstrakt, one of the Fortnite NPCs. Follow it around for the first can, then go inside the supermarket to find the second by the back wall.

A map showing two locations for Fortnite cat food to collect in Retail Row.

So now you know where to collect the cat food in Fortnite. If you missed the other legendary challenges this week, we have guides on where to place the welcome signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake, where to place the boom boxes in Believer Beach, and where to place the alien light communication devices on mountain tops.

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