Construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite

Here's how to tick off this week's legendary Fortnite challenge

A blue outline of a wooden hatchery in Fortnite

For this week’s Fortnite legendary challenge, you need to construct a wooden hatchery. Similar to other Fortnite challenges, the hatchery appears as a blue outline, and you just need to interact with it.

It’s a busy week in Fortnite, as you also need to also stoke campfires near the hatcheries, as well as mark an Alien egg in Fortnite, collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery and Retail Row, and collect records from Pleasant Park or Craggy Cliffs. This is all to earn those precious Fortnite skins in Season 7, part of the alien-themed season on-going in Fortnite.

These little wooden hatcheries are tucked away in shacks across the map, so they’re difficult to find – luckily we’ve created a handy map, and sussed out the exact locations for you. You only need to construct one wooden hatchery to complete this challenge and it is relatively simple, you just need to enter the shed and interact with the outline. These are the two locations you can head to on the Fortnite map.

Construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite

It costs 50 wood to build a wooden hatchery. Here’s where you can find wooden hatcheries in Fortnite:

A map of Fortnite and where to find hatcheries

  • Island northwest of Craggy Cliffs – inside the small shed on the island
  • Southeast of the tallest mountain near Catty Corner – inside the shed

That’s how you find and construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite. For more on the current season, check out all of the alien artifact locations in Fortnite and how to craft weapons in Fortnite.